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Seventy-five years ago in the spring of 1942 ten dedicated shotgun shooters had an idea to form a trap shooting club. It is very doubtful that they could have imagined what that vision would turn into. The club started on Fairview Drive with one pad dedicated to trap shooting. In the years that followed the club grew and moved four times to the present location at 3590 Arrowhead Drive. Today the club offers six trap houses, two skeet fields, a five stand, and a fourteen station Sporting Clay's course. Over four hundred paid members and approximately fourteen hundred members of the public use the facility on a yearly basis. Numerous registered shooting events plus youth shooting and coaching are hosted at the club. The club employs a staff of four and during the summer months the staff can increase to seven employees to meet the demands of the shooting public.

In the future the club envisions expanding operating hours during the summer months and having the club open two extra days a week for events. Also planned is a staff member, that is a certified instructor, to teach new students the fun of Clays shooting sport. 

Questions? Call us at (775) 882-9904